This is a week overdue because of all the things I had going on this week. Anyway, another #ootd post for all of you! I apologize that I don’t have any close up photos and that my room is a total mess when I took these, but I kind of like it… 

I wore this outfit out for school. I’d say that at the moment, this ensemble is one of my statement outfits. I’ve always just thrown on a shirt, a comfy pair of denim and combats whenever I don’t feel like dressing up too fancy. It’s a good enough outfit for just simple errands around the community or just a day out shopping.

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Here goes another #OOTD post for you all. I’ve been pretty busy with school lately because my finals are up and most of my projects required a lot of attention. But holla at your girl for managing to finish them all on time!

I didn’t get to mention it in the set of photos to follow, but my shirt is from Urban Outfitters as well. I got it for $10 because it was on sale. :)


This hoodie is from Alternative— which is pretty much the best brand that you can trust for basics that feel like clouds. I always just use it for doubling up during the fall and winter season. I love using it together with my oversized denim vest from BDG.

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Finally an #ootd post!

This guy’s a typical look for when I go to school, specially when I have to be in school before 8am.

So, I’ve recently gotten into Low Slung Skinny Jeans by BDG because of how relaxed and comfortable they fit. I got my pair from Urban Outfitters for only $10 (they were originally $69) which was the highlight of my week. I bought another pair in stonewash blue the other day, and God, THE. BEST. PAIR. OF. PANTS. EVER. It’s such a great change from all the high-waisted pants I’ve been wearing.

I’ve had an obsession with chelsea boots for such a long time now and I was so happy when we finally got none-laced ones at Urban Outfitters a couple weeks ago. These pair (also by BDG) comes in black as well, and I really wanted to get those, but I already have so many black chelsea boots. These are always a great way to clean up your las day look and make it seem more put together.

I just realized now that ultimately, this outfit is composed of mostly BDG pieces, which is really great because BDG comes up with such great clothing at a very affordable price. My beanie is a regular in all my selfies and the plaid button up (my favorite) is from Garage. Plaids are a great way to add a pop of color and pattern into a what would have been a plain ensemble.